Club Membership

Membership is open to anyone who holds a current, valid shotgun certificate and meets the membership requirements of the Club:

Members must be aged 18 and over

The committee reserves the right to withdraw membership if they feel that  a member is not complying with the rules of the club. All decisions will be discussed with the member as to the reason why their membership may be withdrawn.

NEW MEMBERS  can  be  introduced by a current Club Member who will take responsibility for the safety and conduct of the potential new  member  while visiting the ground to shoot.

Membership made  by an enquiry via the website/ email. When invited  to visit the ground a member of the club or a  committee  member will be allocated to look after the potential new Fmember while they are at the ground.

Members need to own their own gun since no Club guns are available for loan. Both normal and semi-automatic (limited to 3 cartridges only), and Over and Under, Side by Side, and single barrel shotguns of any bore are acceptable at the club.

Only fibre wad cartridges may be used when shooting at the ground , as this Is part of our lease agreement. Any member found using plastic wad cartridges will be reported to the committee for a decision regarding what action to take.

All new members will go through a safety brief which will be delivered by one of the club’s safety officers before they are allowed to shoot

Until they are approved as a member, applicants and visitors must sign a Day Membership form BEFORE they shoot each time they attend the Club.

Prospective new members are expected to visit and shoot at the club at least 3 times before being invited to join (if places are available). The decision to grant membership is made by the Committee at its monthly meeting.

Thereafter the prospective member will be contacted by the Club Secretary.

Club Insurance

Members are only covered by the club public liability insurance while attending the ground    or representing the club at another ground for a competition.

(It is strongly recommended that members have their own personal public liability insurance in place.)

Membership of the Club is limited to a maximum of 50 including honorary members due to the size of the shooting ground, and for insurance reasons.

Members are required to help set up the shoot and to help clear away after the day’s shoot, under the instruction of the captain and vice captains.

The club has a number of safety officers who will check that the shoot is safe and will also deliver planned safety briefings on how to safely  load, move and disarm the traps

On occasion the members  may be called on to join a working party to help keep the club in good order and to improve the club facilities

Membership Fees

The Annual Membership Fee is currently £100, subject to review at the AGM.

For new members, there is an additional Joining Fee of £85 .00  along with the Annual Membership Fee of £100 (pro-rata depending when membership is granted)

Thereafter, the normal annual fee are taken at the AGM but members must have paid their annual fees by the 1st of April or their membership will lapse (The committee reserve the right to  request a joining fee )

The committee is always available for any member to contact them regarding their renewal of membership which will always be treated in a confidential way

Shooting Subscriptions

A round of 25 clays costs: £5 for full members; £6 for visitors which are subject to change by the committee to cover any increase in cost

Club Competition Shoots

Only fully paid up members are allowed to shoot in club competitions.

It is the responsibility of members are to arrive before 10am and enter their name on the shooting card/sheet to be entered in to the competition .

Members are to ensure that they are ready to shoot when they are called to help the flow of the shoot.

In sporting shoot competitions members are to have their scores recorded at each stand and all completed cards are to be returned to the  Captain or Vice Captain  to collate and announce the  winner /second /third

Visiting Shooters will be allowed to shoot on competition days but they will not be entered in to the competition results.