The Club offers a variety of shooting disciplines:


High and low birds presented as single birds followed by pairs shot at from 7 stands laid out in a semi-circle between a high and a low tower at either end of the ground. Each round offers 25 targets in total and varying degrees of difficulty of incoming, outgoing, and crossing birds.


Offering a variety of high, low, incoming, outgoing, crossing, looping, and “rabbits”, this discipline closely simulates game shooting with birds being offered as single, “on report”, or pairs from a number of stands. Usually shot as 10 targets on each stand, there can be any number of stands in the layout dependent on the event.

Down the Line (DTL):

25 birds are presented going out at varying angles left and right from a central trap house, but at a consistent elevation in front of five stands arranged in a semi-circle. Shooters move between stands after five targets further increasing the variety of shot throughout the round. Birds are scored 3 if hit with the first shot and 2 if hit after two shots.

Automatic Ball Trap (ABT):

Similar to DTL, except that the elevation varies as well as that of the angle of left and right presentation of the target. Shooters move after every targets with only one point for each bird.